Relocating to Jersey

Moving forward

Jersey is welcoming to high-value, low footprint businesses.

We can advise and assist you through every step of relocating your business in Jersey from the initial enquiry to support for your application and helping to build a new network of contacts in the island.  This can include moving existing businesses to Jersey, new business licence applications and applications to bring essentially employed individuals to Jersey as a part of those businesses.Jersey also offers the potential of an excellent quality of life coupled with some of the lowest direct taxes in Europe. 

If you can demonstrate the ability to generate an annual minimum tax contribution of £145,000, there is an attractive tax system available.In addition there is no Capital Gains or Inheritance tax payable in Jersey and a Goods and Services tax of 5%, Jersey is a very attractive proposition. 

Through our associated accountancy practice, we have an excellent relationship with the tax authorities in Jersey along with the relevant government organisations which allows us to efficiently assist you with the application process to move to Jersey as a high value resident.

Contact us in the strictest confidence to discuss our services & how we can help ensure your affairs are dealt with.